Wednesday, December 7, 2016

5 Tips to Heat Up Your Sex Life During Winter

The winter season brings up a lot in our lives. The joyful bustle to celebrate major holidays combines with the stress of buying, preparing, and dealing with the chilly rain or snow. It all sort of just compacts and weighs you down despite your best efforts to bask in the merriment of the winter holidays.

As the temperature outside begins to dip, your body goes through several physical and mental changes. You might feel sluggish or uninspired. You might be stressed and overwhelmed. You might even feel a disconnect with your sex partner that seems to creep up only as the days get shorter and colder.

What’s a quick fix? Simple, it’s sex.

We’re here to help you blast through the winter blues and heat up your sex life with these five hot intimacy tips to keep you hot despite the frightful weather outside.

Create a Cozy Space
Let’s get real, not everyone has a cabin up in the mountains decked out with a state-of-the-art fireplace and a cashmere rug on the floor. The good news is you don’t have to have a cabin to create a sexy space. Choose an area in your home that makes you feel good. If it’s the bedroom, change the sheets to your favorite texture or fabric. Some enjoy the coolness of satin, while others prefer the softness of jersey. Think of what your partner likes and splurge on a great pair of sheets.

Your area should also be clutter- and technology-free. When you’re surrounded by objects that seem to exist only to take up space, it creates a block in your mind. Release yourself from that pressure and clear out nightstands or nearby desks from trinkets or electric knick-knacks. Instead, place some aromatic candles or natural essences to relax the mind.

Take It Slow
We get it, you’re cold and this might lead to a rush to get things over with. However, we’re here to tell you to slow your pace down. For many people, winter means vacation. If you are lucky enough to have a few days off from work, take this time to really explore your partner. You don’t have any of those distractions anymore and this is truly a special time to be present and in the moment. A gradual, leisurely build also helps prolong men’s longevity and increases women’s arousal. We call that a win-win foreplay situation.

Breathe & Caress
Foreplay can mean a lot of different things to different people. Lost and unsure of where to start? Begin by harmonizing your breath. Face each other and as your partner breathes out, breath your partner in. Take their warm deep breath inside your body, along with their positive energy. As you exhale, make a conscious effort to reciprocate the same radiant desire. Synchronizing breathing and touching is a sure fire way to heat up the entire body and increase lustful anticipation.

Sit in Yab Yum Pose
A hot tip straight out of tantric sexology is sitting in yab yum pose. After you’ve warmed each other up with breathing and soft caressing, sit down crossed-legged. Have your partner face you, sit on your lap and wrap his or her legs around you. Embrace. Continue your breathing as you hold on to each other tightly. Really let your bodies come together and tune into each other. Without saying a word, let your bodies demonstrate the appreciation you have for your relationship.

When we mean listen, we don’t just mean with your ears. Remain aware of your partner’s physical reactions to your slow breathing, to your particular touch or overall energy. Stay present and guide your consciousness up and down your partner’s spine, between his or her heart and eventually make your way throughout his or her entire body focusing on areas that he or she positively reacts to.

Whatever happens after that is completely up to you! Even if it doesn’t lead to sex, you’ve spent quality time growing closer to your significant other and being that intimate shouldn’t be taken for granted. Need a little extra boost? Try our all-natural aphrodisiacs for men and women.