Friday, June 10, 2016

A Gentleman’s Guide to Natural Aphrodisiacs

What makes a gentleman? History and the evolution of our culture have changed the meaning of the word time and time again. Today, being a gentleman can consist of a multitude of characteristics. Men might not wear top hats and monocles anymore, but being courteous in the sack is the true mark of a gentleman, in our book anyways.

Why? Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Courtesy is as much a mark of a gentleman as courage.” Now, he wasn’t talking about sex, but when you think about it, the best time to be thoughtful, kind and open minded is when you’re in bed. Sometimes, you need something a little extra to show your partner just how “courteous” you can be. We’ve rounded up three of our herbal aphrodisiac recommendations for all you brave gentlemen out there.
  1. Because you’re more attuned to your female counterpart, our first recommendation is the Klity Booster, also known as the Kitty Purr. Yes, our play on words is quite clever, but we take great pride in combining organic and all-natural ingredients to stimulate your lady’s central pleasure points during sex. We combine American ginseng root to promote stamina and sexual function along with yarrow leaf to enhance the arousal process. Click the ingredients tab to learn more about what exactly goes into this effective clitoris enhancement elixir, because putting others first doth a gentleman make.
  2. All right, what’s our number one recommendation for a gallant, noble gentleman? Without a doubt, try our Boner Toner. Gone are the days of prudish propriety. Being a gentleman doesn’t mean you’re swearing off improving your performance. We all appreciate any help. So if you want to keep your erection for a longer period of time to enhance your overall sexual performance, you’ll want this. Our unique combination of ingredients allows you to relax and enjoy your partner without worrying about your performance. Our concoction helps keep your erection full, promotes endurance and increases stimulation to enhance libido. Not only are you doing quite a service to her, but you’re allowing yourself to really live and enjoy the moment.

  3. Taking care of yourself is also a true mark of a gentleman. We don’t mean grooming your handlebar mustache¾but if you do have a mustache, we would definitely recommend you groom it. With our Men’s Daily Tonic, not only are you supporting your sexual vitality with this natural health elixir, but your overall body functions and prostate health as well. Take this on a daily basis to maximize the effectiveness of the ingredients. Give your system a daily boost of natural herbs and ingredients and begin to see how your overall male physiology improves.

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