Thursday, October 13, 2016

5 Fall Spices & Aphrodisiacs to Heat Up Your Sex Drive

While every season is the right one to spark a romance, there's just something truly special about autumn that makes you fall in love like no other time of year. Perhaps it's the crisp chill in the air, the oversized sweaters, or the crunch of orange and red leaves on the ground. If one of your favorite fall pastimes is baking with classic harvest season spices, then you’re in luck. We have rounded up five spices to boost sex drives. Try incorporating these fall aphrodisiacs into your diet so you and your partner can stay toasty and warm by heating up under the sheets.

Cooler temperatures call for a warming of the body. Cinnamon produces heat within your body by turning up your internal body temperature along with your sex drive. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. Its' scent is also used as aromatherapy to promote relaxation.

Cardamom is another warming spice that increases blood flow throughout your entire body by stimulating the nervous system. It can combat erectile dysfunction and related issues. Because of its powerful scent, it is also said to stimulate the entire physiological systems and relieve mental strain and emotional stress.

Ginger works to increase circulation and your overall body heat to increase sexual prowess. As it warms the body, it increases the heart rate. Its effects are similar to how your body reacts during sex getting you in the mood.

Nutmeg's reputation as an aphrodisiac dates back to early Hindu culture. It has warming properties that are linked to stimulation and an increased sexual appetite. It also has properties that sweeten the breath increasing attraction.

Cloves in particular are effective aphrodisiacs for men. A small amount of cloves can increase testosterone enhancing sexual performance. Cloves are also help improve natural breath odor because of its antiseptic properties.

Try incorporating some of these spices for dinner or dessert one day. Combine these natural spices with our Relaxing Aphrodisiac to really crank up your erotic appetite.

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