Friday, January 13, 2017

Sexy Valentine’s Day Idea: Make a Pleasure Box

This Valentine’s Day, we recommend you ditch the chocolates. Seriously, you might end up jeopardizing your significant other’s New Year resolution. Instead, get him or her a collection of naughty Valentine’s Day gifts that can truly keep on giving all year long. If you’re on the hunt for a fresh, unique idea we’ve got one for you!

Crank up the heat this February by crafting a pleasure box— a unique and delicious erotic Valentine. What’s a pleasure box? It’s a “prop” box filled with items that really hone in you and your partner’s sensuous side. The best part? You can gather most of the items right out of your home!

1. Begin by gathering a box or container of your choosing that fits on your bedside table. Carefully consider what your partner likes in bed and what your partner has hinted they’d like to try. You don’t have to have crazy expensive toys (unless you want to). We recommend choosing items that will entice the senses.

2. When it comes to sex, what we see and smell can really make an impression on our mood. Add a scented candle in your prop box to create a combo of scent and sight. Choose sultry blends like amber resin, cedar and sandalwood for a titillating night. If your partner prefers cleaner scents, opt for a candle made of jasmine and vanilla. The candle will also add stimulating flickers of light to the room. Contrary to perhaps your usual forte, consider leaving the lights on. This will really allow you to bask in the beauty of your partner’s body. Seeing your partner’s reactions will be a turn-on!

3. Add a playlist to whatever wireless device you use. Music has a way of transporting you to a specific time and place. Consider creating a playlist of songs that have become important throughout your relationship.

4. Now for the juicy part— touch! Running items of different textures across your lover’s body will be a truly yummy experience for both of you. Grab a silk scarf, a lone feather, an ice cube and a warming oil to add to your box. It’s important to remember to take your time and use these items slowly. Use different items on different parts of your partner’s body and gauge any visible reaction. Pay attention to his or her body movements and breathing pattern.

5. Lastly, consider surprising him or her with an aphrodisiac. From our best-selling Boner Toner for men to the raved about Klitty Booster, we have concocted elixirs for men and women that will improve the sexual experience for both of you. Remember to think out of the chocolate box this Valentine’s day and into the sex prop box instead!

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